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20 Question Tuesdays (w/Guy & Jeska Forsyth)

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From Here To There - Episode 29 -8PM CDT*

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Macum Creek Concerts with Jeff Plankenhorn

$15 per household minimum suggested prepaid artist contribution (see ticket link for details). 100% of all contributions go to the artist.
Known especially for his prodigious skills on slide guitar (he even designed his own, called "The Plank"), Jeff Plankenhorn has released eight albums, his latest Sleeping Dogs, in 2018. Plank was also recognized in 2018 by Austin's Black Fret Society (check them out at with a major award.
Plank shared the "stage" here at MCC in the spring of 2019 with Michael O'Connor. We're super excited to be able to host Plank for his own solo show.
We host our live stream events on Zoom. Fans can see each other and the artist can see us. We can clap, hoot & holler for the artist and they can hear us. During the intermission, we can all talk with each while actually looking at each other. It's not the same as gathering in our living room; it's a bit of a compromise. But, as you'll remember, one of the main reasons we host house concerts is to support these talented artists who rely on touring and performing live to make a living ... with the pandemic virtually shutting down live shows and touring, we really hope you'll consider joining us.