About Jeff Plankenhorn:

A quick listen to the albums released by Jeff Plankenhorn will give you an idea of the extremely varied styles the man Emily Robison of The Dixie Chicks calls a “chameleon” of performing. A deeper listen will uncover the overwhelmingly deep love all types of music Jeff has incorporated in his own unique style. Plankenhorn, or “Plank” as he is known, has found a way to blend the soulful vocals of the church, Motown, and funk singers that dominated his speakers as a youth with the bluegrass he studied while living in Nashville and the lyrically driven feel of the songwriters he has performed with since moving to Austin into an intoxicating sound that spans them all.  

Like many other artists, Jeff found his voice in the church choir of his boyhood home in Ohio, “It was my first sense of belonging, community, and a feeling of doing good for others when we sang,” he recalls. Given a guitar from his older brother (an accomplished musician in his own right), Plank immediately found his calling as a musician, and began a lifetime calling of mastering the stringed instruments that spoke to him. His high school days, full of recording and performing, led him to the University of Michigan where he quickly became a mainstay in the Ann Arbor music scene. Following college, Jeff headed to Nashville to continue his education, “studying” under the likes of Uncle Josh Graves, Gene Wooten, and Jerry Douglas. Never satisfied with the status quo, Jeff was intrigued by the suggestion of songwriting legend Ray Wylie Hubbard of coming to Austin, Texas. Upon arriving in the Lone Star State, Plankenhorn’s Swiss army knife abilities immediately created a high demand for his talents, and he began adding to a resume that includes appearances on records by such luminaries as Joe Ely, Ray Wylie, Slaid Cleaves, Eliza Gilkyson, Jimmy Lafave and many more.  

All of these experiences have led to Jeff’s currently tireless schedule of playing shows that include, song driven folk solo appearances, slide guitar heavy rock ‘n’ roll/soul shows with his own band, as well as the many standing dates with the collaborative Austin bands, The Apostles of Manchaca, The Purgatory Players, and the Resentments. 2016 will have Jeff amping up his national touring schedule with band shows, solo gigs and festival appearances, all while maintaining his presence in the Austin scene. The year promises to let the rest of the country in on what so many other musicians and the entire Austin music community have been enjoying for years now.  

SoulSlide Reviews

Plank cover final
What a great piece of work - congratulations! The songs are kick-ass, the recordings are in your face, and the production is immaculate! ”

— Joe Ely, upon hearing SoulSlide

Jeff Plankenhorn “SOULSLIDE”   Quotable Quotes
McKinnie Sizemore bluesrockreview.com May 5, 2016
A record of significant skill, gliding melodies, and inventive joint efforts from some of the genre’s best talents, Soulslide is a must-have for fans of the new generation of blues rock
No Depression Bob Gottlieb April 2016
He is powerful and yet elegant, soulful and bluesy, heartfelt and yet soaring in his playing.  A disc from a Musician you will be hearing a lot more from as he gets the recognition he deserves. If you get a chance to see him don’t miss it. 
Don & Sheryls Blues Blog April 2, 2016  Nashville Blues Society
We’re all about to find out what Austin folks have known all along—he’s one mighty fine player! 
Reflections in Blue  Bill Wilson  April 2016
Refreshing as a tall glass of water straight from a mountain stream, Plankenhorn (or Plank, as he is known) either wrote or co-wrote most of the work on the album...making him, in my opinion, one of the finest songwriters in the business. 
Jon Dee Graham, Texas songwriting legend  March 2016
…..with a voice like a bearded angel and some of the best guitar playing in the Western Hemisphere, he performs songs of depth and weight that belies his age.  
Midwest Record  Chris Spector  April 2016
Enlisting Steve Bruton's old back up band to help him follow in the trail blazed by ZZ Top, Tumbleweeds roll though patches of sacred steel and dobro from Mars as this party rocks on through the night and into the parking lot.
Jody Denberg, Austin radio legend & current on-air talent at KUTX-FM March 2016 
“‘Plank’ is simply one of the best players in a city full of them. ‘Plank’ – if I go first, will you play at my funeral?”
Texas Music Magazine  Madison Searle April 2016
Anyone who loves that humid place where the blues and rock spill into gospel shouldn't miss this."    
Phoenix Blues Society  Graham Clarke  May 2016
With his awesome guitar work and supremely soulful vocals, Jeff Plankenhorn is currently the talk of the Austin music scene.  With a powerful release like SoulSlide under his belt, the word is bound to get out to an even wider audience.
Roots Music Report  Duane Verh April 2016
Whether one’s first impression of Jeff Plankenhorn is that of a monster slide guitarist or an equally formidable songsmith and powerhouse vocalist, the strong likelihood is that, upon even a brief listen, one of these will jump to the fore.  
Ventura County Star  Bill Locey April 2016
Plankenhorn is the ultimate sideman, taking a run as The Man and more than holds his own.
Reflections in Blue  Bill Wilson  April 2016
SoulSlide is blues and roots music as it was meant to be heard and as it had been played in juke joints, roadhouses and similar establishments and gatherings in ages past...the real deal.   This recording is worthy of a Blues Music Award (Handy Award), without question.


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